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Personal Coaching

I guide aspiring affiliates through proven strategies to build profitable online businesses.

Learn how to choose the right products, craft compelling content, and master marketing techniques. Fast-track your affiliate journey with my personalized coaching!

Published Author

I've also translated my expertise into written guides. My book, "AFFILIATE MARKETING: FOR OLD GEEZERS " makes affiliate marketing accessible to all ages. Additionally, "The Gunkalunk" offers a fun approach to personal development, while "Confidence" equips readers with the tools to thrive.

The Affiliate Family

I help aspiring affiliates thrive with personalized coaching and engaging YouTube videos! My channel offers affiliate marketing strategies, book discussions  and a glimpse into my family life.

Let's build your affiliate business together and celebrate life's moments!

Make Money on bet365:

Bet365, a global betting behemoth, offers several ways to make money through their platform. Here are some strategies:

  • Matched Betting: Take advantage of opening bonuses (e.g., bet £10, get £30) and occasional free bets. Hedge these offers for guaranteed profits or use them for value bets.

  • Value Betting/Arbing: Bet on odds higher than those in Asian markets or exchanges. Consistently finding value bets can yield steady profits. Arbitrage opportunities allow you to lock in profits before a game starts.

  • Niche Markets: Explore the vast range of sports available on Bet365. Specialize in specific markets where you can find value.

  • In-Play Betting: Capitalize on live betting during games. Quick decisions and market awareness are essential. 

  • Casino Offers: Utilize casino promotions and bonuses. Be cautious and manage risk.

  • Using Bots: Automated software can help you identify opportunities and execute bets efficiently.

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About Me:

My name is, Darwin Dallyn ,I’m 61 Year’s Old.

I Hve Been Married 36 Year’s. I Have Two Son’s .They Are 32 and 28 years old. I Have Two beautiful Granddaughters.

I am currently employeed at  Weyerhaeuser OSB  In Hudson Bay Sk.

My hobbies  are playing golf, recording Videos and editing.


I`ve written two kids books that sell on amazon.

1-The Gunkalunk:For parents that have kids and won`t go or stay in bed

2-Confidence:How a boy gains confidence in hitting a baseball, when his father tells him,He bought him a magic bat.

3-Affiliate Marketing For Old geezers: and Highschool kids-A guide of what affiliate marketing is, and how it works. How to get started making extra income.


All are available on amazon

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