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I’m Owner of This Website. My Name Is Darwin Dallyn I’m 61 Years Old. I Have been Married 36 Years,I Have Two Son’s They Are 32- and 28 Years Old. Also I Have two Granddaughters. I`m Currently Employed At Weyerhaeuser In Hudson Bay Sk. My Hobbies Are Playing golfs, recording videos and editing Them. I`ve Wrote Two Kids Books That Sell On Amazon: First One Name Is- The Gunkalunk and Second One Is- Confidence .Also wrote a book on Affiliate Marketing for Old Geezers(like me) and High School kids. That is for guys and ladies like me that are sick of having a Boss. To high School kids and College kids too that never want a boss. If they start young enough Affiliate marketing can make them good money once they hit high school. There will be no flipping burgers at McDonalds, or other minimum wage paying crap jobs. This is the future. 

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